Tara Radosevich

Red Ghost

Tara Radosevich
Acrylic on Canvas
12 x 24″ | Framed


Tara Radosevich  //  @tararadosevich

Tara Radosevich holds a strong compassion for animals and the American West. In 2013, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts, at the University of South Florida in Tampa. After college she worked for a one-year position as artist assistant to Carrie Jadus at Jadus’ studio and gallery, Soft Water Studios. Her works have been recognized in a few magazines including Southwest Art, “21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2018” and Cowboys and Indians, “Best of the West.” Currently, Tara lives in St. Petersburg, Florida and works on her art in her studio at 5663 Studios in Pinellas Park.

Drawing came naturally to me. Actually one could say it was and is instinctive for me. As a child, art was not something I did when I was bored or just “for fun.” (That’s not to say it wasn’t fun). No, I draw because I have to!

My passion for creating art is fueled by my love for animals and the American West. Inspiration gathered from trips to rodeos, horse stables, and going outdoors in search of wildlife. Bringing nature into the studio is also important to my creative process. I use skulls, fur, teeth, and antlers as further tangible material to study animal anatomy.  

Through this strive for technical realism, the intent of my work runs much deeper—to express the living essence and powerful magnetism of my subjects. I seek the Sublime.” –Tara Radosevich