Jed Smith

Out of the Shadows

Jed Smith
Watercolor on Paper
24 x 22″ | NFS


Jed Smith  //  @jedwebstersmith

Jed Smith grew up in the San Luis Valley of south central Colorado. Jed graduated from Fort Lewis College in 2015 and received a double major in fine art and anthropology. Jed is currently living in New York City and is a MFA candidate at the New York Academy of Art.

My work is defined through the use of historical narratives, western archetypes, and our perception of the past. I try to emulate historical settings and stories while maintaining a central focus on the figure. By isolating the figure it provides a larger than life narrative. I work from life and my imagination to produce paintings with high levels of detail. I use traditional print making methods and watercolor to depict scenes of the west. The media provides a vintage appearance to my work to further distort the line between fiction and reality.” – Jed Smith