Carson Bilger

Lipan Point

Carson Bilger
Acrylic on Wood
24 x 24″ | Wood Cradle


Carson Bilger  //  @cmbilgerart

Carson Bilger was born in the Midwest and moved to Arizona as an adult. His artwork is based on travels around the state and the western part of the country, which he paints using planar analysis to depict landscape as a complex puzzle of interlocking shapes and color. Bilger’s work retains the sublime feel of the original location while visually exploring the geometry of spatial relationships.

“I take a vintage Polaroid 600 camera on my road trips.  My intent is to capture iconic American landscapes through a nostalgic filter. This imbues the images with a washed out color palette that evokes memory of the landscape as a moment of singular discovery. I create watercolor studies in my sketchbook of the photographs, choosing select compositions to paint larger scale using acrylic on canvas or board.” – Carson Bilger

Carson Bilger

Carson Bilger investigates color relationships in the western landscape, distilling them to their essence through individual shapes of value and light. Composed and distorted through the lens of a Polaroid camera, he translates Arizona’s iconic landmarks into watercolor studies, then into remarkable large scale graphic paintings. Bilger works and lives in Phoenix with his wife and young daughter.

RIYL: Ed Mell, Maynard Dixon, Tom Jean Webb

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