David Griffin

Graceful Silence

David Griffin
Oil on Linen
32 x 32″ | Available at InSight Gallery


David Griffin  //  @davidrgriffin


Born in 1952, David grew up in Lubbock, Texas.  After studying Fine Art at Texas Tech University, he was invited to participate in the first Illustrators Workshop, New York, where he studied with Bernie Fuchs, Mark English and Bob Peak. His work was recognized many times by the Illustrators Annual National Show during the 1970-1980’s.  In 1990, he began to devote his full time to painting professionally. Early on, he had the opportunity to study with Bettina Steinke and James Reynolds.

David and his wife Lorna live in Dallas, where they raised their three children, Ryan, Elizabeth, and Michael.

“Painting is more than a vocation. My paintings are direct observations, results of a life and heritage spent close to the Land, the People, the West. It’s a calling to satisfy a desire to speak in a visual medium, telling stories; all the time looking West. My ability to portray this subject is not without its own struggles. Painting is hard work, but I’m committed to communicating the story in a passionate way, with honesty, and the vitality the subject deserves.” – David Griffin