Doyle Hostetler

Catching Light

Doyle Hostetler
Oil on Canvas
16 x 24″ | Framed


Doyle Hostetler  //  @doyle_art_az

Doyle has created art his entire life, after 30 years of design and illustration in Architecture and construction, began exploring the realm of oil painting.

Born in Ohio, he grew up in Colorado, where the mountains and the animals became a part of him. His subject matter has always been about the wildlife and their beauty, especially the big cats and hoofed animals of North America. Moving to Arizona after high school he started his career in Architecture and, eventually, into residential construction.

His love of the west would magnify after meeting his wife.  Spending summers in Montana and Idaho, their son was a natural cowboy.  The working ranch in Idaho was a favorite destination for the simplicity and raw beauty its remote location embodied.

The illustration, rendering and design work would translate to painting unexpectedly.  The years of mastering values, composition and light structure have been priceless in developing this new craft.  His confidence grows with each canvas completed, fresh with a head full of ideas and a passionate yearning to turn loose his hands.

Exploring style and techniques with the intent of creating art.  Doyle is focused on expressing the wild emotions of these magnificent creatures through the artwork… for all to feel.

“My goal is to create art, visually gripping, thought provoking art. I’ve been blessed with a gift in expressing emotion through color and shape, twist of brush, and slight of hand. With obligatory reverence, I share my work. It is not a picture I propagate but a composition of passion, discipline, vision and confidence. After all, what is art without an audience?” – Doyle Hostetler

Doyle Hostetler

Living in Arizona has its own branding, one can’t help being hypnotized with the colors, the diversity in habitat and incredible wildlife! The endless possibilities ignite the passion that fires the creative engine!

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