Libby Humeniuk

Calm and Collected

Libby Humeniuk
Pastel on Paper
17 x 11″ | NFS


Libby Humeniuk  //  @reddogimagery

Libby Humeniuk was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Despite her urban upbringing, she quickly found a passion for horses which eventually led her to the rural western lifestyle as an adult. She began her artistic journey in 2015 when she began taking lessons with equine artist, Michelle Grant. She works predominately in pastel on black paper, which lends a unique and dynamic signature style to her pieces.

In 2017, Libby attended her first branding and she was hooked. Since then she has pursed the western lifestyle, both in her everyday life as well as in her art work. Her artistic career highlights to date include showing her work in the 2018 Calgary Stampede art gallery, a 2019 exhibition “Way of the West” at the local Calgary gallery, Framed on Fifth; and a feature in the September 2019 issue of Southwest Art Magazine’s “21 under 31” article.

She can currently be found in rural north-central Alberta living on a mixed grain/cattle farm, while working to continuously expand her skill as a western artist.

“The western lifestyle is one built on a foundation of deeply rooted tradition. From the handmade tack, to the horsemanship of the riders, you can see an artistry that has been created throughout the generations in this way of life.

This is the feel that I strive to capture in my work. Focusing on the modern day working cowboy, I aim to bring a seldom seen lifestyle out to a broader audience. My goal as an artist is to preserve this way of life within a vibrant image that appeals to those who admire it, and is appreciated as authentic by those who live it.” – Libby Humeniuk

Libby Humeniuk

In an effort to represent the modern day working cowboy in fine art, Libby Humeniuk creates visually dynamic works using pastel on black paper.

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