Brit Hansen

Desert Blooms

Carved Acrylic Paint on Panel
20 x 20″

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20″ Round on a 2″ standout. Yellow painted sides with dried paint dripping off the edges adds even more texture to this work. It is unframed but has painted finished sides.

Inspired by the small delicate yet extremely resilient flowers in the desert. If you don’t take the time to look down you might miss them. They have so much detail for such tiny flowers and thrive in such harsh environments. It makes me think about how resilient each person is and while I may not see them all, they are beautiful in their struggles.

This piece has 50 layers of paint carved and hand painted in colors on some of the blossoms. It is signed on the back and has a wire so it is ready to hang.

Total dimensions: 20 x 20 x 2″
Cradle mounted, 7 lbs.

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Brit Hansen

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Brit Hansen

Hansen is an Arizona native in love with the desert landscape. Inspired by the initial carving process of block printing and the life found in the desert, Hansen has developed her own technique of carving acrylic paint.

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