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Art and design has always been a part of Terrie Hall’s life. In the late Eighties and early Nineties, Terrie had a business, hand-painted clothing with a Southwestern motif. Her shirts and jackets sold throughout the western states, from Aspen and the Colorado ski towns, to Jackson Hole, Santa Fe, Scottsdale, and even Disneyland. Later, Terrie started her own Interior Design business, winning many prestigious design awards.

In 2007, with her husband, Alan, she moved to La Paz, Mexico where they lived for three years. Upon arrival, she proclaimed that it was time to be an artist. As fate would have it, she stumbled on an artist couple in their studio just two blocks away from her new home. They became fast friends, and she learned printmaking of all kinds, and Spanish. Upon the arrival of their first grandson, they moved back to Colorado. When the pandemic hit, she took the opportunity to fully concentrate on her art practice. You can find her now, constantly painting, with her dog at her feet, and 3 cats that like to knock things off of the work table.


My mixed media art is bold, colorful and eye catching. I have always been passionate about bright, strong colors, and I use them freely. Living in Mexico opened my eyes to color in a way I never experienced before. Now I can’t live without it.

All of my paintings are my stories, memories of a time, place, or feeling. I want to take the viewer to that place, as in a book, when you are reading, and you can’t wait to turn the page. I want the viewer to see all of the details, and go on my journey with me. My art is my memoir.

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