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Taylor Bailey is a visual artist working in Austin, Texas. She pursued a degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas where she majored in both Studio Art and Art History. Her art practice is largely based in drawing and printmaking techniques, and explores themes of memory, identity, psychogeography and place-making. She is also the Executive Director of Contracommon, a nonprofit arts collective in Bee Cave, Texas, which strives to support emerging artists of all media through community and collaboration.


Taylor Bailey uses familiar elements of nature as a way to explore identity, place, and belonging.
While she works in a combination of large and small-scale, and across a variety of mediums, her work is directly centered in engagement with the raw and unfiltered landscape of Far West Texas. In her practice, she is interested in exploring the concept of place – place as beyond (but not without) a geographic location, but also as an incorporeal entity, a way of “being” in the world, and a way for people to find order and connection in life. This exploration of place also relates to concepts of psychogeography, identity, memory and nostalgia.

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