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Having been born and raised in the quaint artistic town of Ojai, California, Tamara Hastie learned early in life that images spoke louder than words to her. Even as a teen and young adult she knew that art is an expression of the artist’s deep and strongly felt being. That art has the power to influence and help us to reflect on things that take place within us. A further reflection of her art is that she believes: It is a language with visions that unify us, revealing our humanity.
She adopted Flagstaff, located in Northern Arizona as her new home over twenty years ago to continue her life of adventure and exploration that these mountains and high desert plateaus have to offer. Backpacking, hiking, and rock climbing in the vast landscape and wilderness continue to reveal unbelievable light and continues to be a delight and the inspiration for capturing the vibrant, and textural color in her palette knife paintings. “To share these beautiful moments with others is one of the greatest and fulfilling benefits of all.”


“I dream of desert rainbows, do you?” – Tamara Hastie

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