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Susan Humphrey is a 4th generation native of Montrose, Colorado. She was raised on a generational ranch located near the Black Canyon National Park.  She loves that life and feels fortunate to have had the experiences that life style presented her with.

Susan considers herself a photographer. She also enjoys painting digitally and in the last several years has pursued painting with oils. She loves all of these mediums and spends much of her time in retirement spending her time in these pursuits. As a result of her ranch experience as a child, she especially enjoys creating western art through all of these mediums.

Susan has been married to her high school sweetheart for 50 years. They have a daughter and her family live close by.  The family is very active in 4H, sports and other important activities of a young family. Susan has a AS degree from Colorado Mesa State College with a major in Food Science and a minor in Interior Design.  She has been interested in art for many years because of the influence of two major events in her life.

  • Her fifth grade teacher was an amazing water colorist. He worked with everyone in his classes to understand and appreciate water color.  It certainly made an impact on Susan, as well as many other students that have made their living in that field from his teachings.
  • Susan participated in the Washington DC 4H conference when she was 17 years old.  When the group had the opportunity to visit the Smithsonian, she and a friend headed to the National Art Institute.  The impact of that experience has lasted her entire life.  She was able to see the works of many of the masters. She revisits these memories in her mind often.

If you ask her how she expressed her artistic ability through the years before she started photography and painting, she will tell you that she sewed clothing for her daughters and crocheted gifts for the extended families.  At the time she didn’t consider those things an art.

Susan is represented in seven galleries on the Western Slope of Colorado, including the Apple Shed, Ago Gallery, 610 Art Collective and the Museum of the Mountain West. She has attended workshops as much as she can learning from Peggy Judy, Dan Dueter, Mary Pat Ettinger and other artists in the area.  She teaches classes at the Montrose Center of Arts and other area galleries in “Making those Photos into Masterpieces” and “Creating Digital Fine Art”.

Susan isn’t much for keeping records of her accomplishments through competing with her art, she views it as a learning experience and has little use for collecting ribbons. She has had several honorable mentions through the years.  She also has received People’s Choice Awards, first, second and third placing.  She was best of show in 2 separate shows with photography. She was very pleased to receive a Reserve Best of Show at the Montrose County Fair this past July with an oil painting, a first!!  She plans on continuing her pursuit of capturing the beauty around her in any of her art styles.


Susan HumphreyArtist StatementThe beauty of Colorado is my spirit! For someone to enjoy my artwork, is like looking into my heart and sharing something that is so personal, I keep it guarded at times.I use my photography and painting as a record of the history, as well as the awesome beauty of the area. I remember all of the family stories about moving cattle around the area, the wildlife seen and the accidental rodeos along the way.I love the way that you can stand in the high alpine and see the desert adobes in the distance. The more art I create, the more amazing detail I see. I have also become fascinated with the wild horses through out the area and other places.My goal is to enjoy the beauty and history of our area, to preserve the important things in my life. I want my grandchildren and their children and their children, to look at my art and photos and know exactly who I am and what I love.

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