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Colorado-based painter, Sherry Cobb-Kelleher creates paintings showing moments of time from the western lifestyle she lives, working in primarily in oil currently, with secondary mediums of pencil and watercolor.
Growing up on a farm and ranch in Southwestern Colorado gave Sherry the intimate knowledge of her subject that continues to surround her today on the ranch were her studio has been for the 25 years.    Her work explores themes of the true western lifestyle, including ranching and everything that goes with it. Her subjects are animals, and people as well as the environment that surrounds them daily. She continually seeks out the moments that tell story of the animals and people that inspire her.By combing a mastery of light with a strong foundation of drawing and composition, she has developed a unique style to bring to life the details of the world she loves.Growing up, some of Sherry’s earliest memories were watching her mother and grandmother paint. Over the years they also patiently taught her how to to look at the world with am artist’s eye, and to find her own voice by tapping into her deep and abiding love for animals.Sherry’s work most recently received the Directors Choice Award and the Parton’s Award at the 2019 “CowGirl Up!” Exhibition & Sale, along with the Patron’s Choice Award in 2022.Her most recent awards include the “Best Associate Award” at The WAOW 52nd National Exhibition 2022, for her painting Titled “ Evening On Buttermilk Creek”.


I am part of the Western Heritage I celebrate in my realistic paintings. My experiences growing up and living on the ranch allow me to use the gifts God has given me. Through these gifts I authentically convey the complexity and the honor of the partnership between ranchers, the land and the animals he gave them to steward.Each day is a gift that I treasure as I strive to capture those special, but otherwise missed moments of ranch life. Moments that poignantly highlight the struggle for the tenuous and beautiful balance that we call life.

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