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Sarah Winkler was born in Manchester, England, has lived in Malawi, Africa and Brunei, Borneo before emigrating to the US. She currently lives and works in Morrison, Colorado. Winkler studied Art and Earth Science at William Paterson University and combines both subjects in her landscape and environmental artworks. She exhibits her work in galleries and museums across the US including at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo, CA, Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield, CA, and the Cornell Art Museum, Delray Beach, FL. Her work was selected by the Art in Embassies Program of the US State Department to be displayed in the US Embassy and Ambassador’s Residence in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Extensive features and reviews of her work have appeared in publications such as Times UK,, American Art Collector Magazine, Scientific American, CREATE! and New American Paintings. MOMENT, a short documentary on Sarah by MAKING ART films, was released in 2019. Winkler has recently been named “A Painter on the Rise” in “Women Artists To Watch” by the curators on Artsy.


When I look at the Western landscape, I see a moment caught in time. A layer of rock and mineral resting between climatic and geological events. Their surfaces scarred by glaciers, the ridge lines formed by tectonic uplifts and erosion. All evidence of a landscape that has experienced dramatic shifts in character over time.

Though the action of painting geological formations using abstraction, organic textures and luminous color, I can convey how natural physical forces work to shape a constantly changing environment. Geological research of specific areas assists in the visual and thematic choices that create each body of work. I work experimentally with materials and tools to find textures and imagery that mimic the forces and patterns of nature. Textures that tell the story of the ancient landscape as well as those rapidly changing today as a result of climate change. A hard edge, cut collage aesthetic in the work shows a process of layered formation, of taking a history of marks and gestures and recreating the terrain anew. Landscapes are not static and are constantly evolving and adapting to shifting environmental conditions.

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