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Ryan Wise hails from the fruit capital of the Pacific Northwest, Yakima, Washington.
The youngest son of artists, Ryan grew up with a deep passion for making and sharing art. Ryan attended Boise State University where he earned both his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and his graduate teaching certification. His undergraduate emphasis was in Painting and Art History. Ryan continues his studio art practice and exhibits award winning paintings regionally and nationally. When not sharing his love of art, Ryan likes to woodwork, camp and spend time with his wife, daughter and their two rescue dogs.


I think of my paintings as a contradiction to the current status of a deeply overwhelmed and increasingly complex world. Somewhere, during the bombardment of information we get about daily world discord, brought to us through the technology that is continually creeping into our lives, we need reprieve. Painting, the method I use to create these images, goes against the grain of today’s overbearing presence. Preserving my own sense of independence in this way has the additional benefit of doing the same for others who are able and willing to detach themselves from a restless world.
For my paintings, I seek out and meticulously record the stunning landscapes that I encounter on long treks into the wilderness. Transforming these images into paintings embeds a preciousness and human quality that elevates the significance and importance of these spaces. After spending countless hours trying to capture the scene of a remote space, I develop a deeply personal familiarity and attachment to these locations that I hope to pass on to others.

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