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Robert Perez, Jr., born and raised in New York City, knew from the time he was a child of five that he wanted to be an artist. The streets of New York City were his first school, for there he felt compelled to draw and to paint the faces, scenes, and cityscapes he observed. A teacher, noticing his talent, pointed him in the direction of the Pratt Phoenix School of Design which he then attended, followed by his studies at the Art Students League.

In New York, Robert participated in summer street shows as well as a few other venues. While there, he also learned the craft of making frames and of carpentry. Eventually, after moving to California and later Nevada, Robert began and operated a successful picture framing business. The economic downturn of 2008 forced the closure of his framing business, and he set out to discover what was next in his life.

When he was driving through New Mexico at this period, Robert experienced a spiritually transformative event. Inspired by this divine guidance, he felt directed to move to the Taos area and to devote his life to painting spiritual subjects. He likens this transformative experience to that of St. Paul on the road to Damascus. After this, both his life focus and his painting techniques changed. He points out that the paintings he had done before this experience and those painted afterwards look as if two different artists had painted them. It is Robert’s hope that his paintings touch others with the enthusiasm he feels for the Spirit.

Currently, Robert is working on a watercolor series, exploring Biblical events with a renewed passion.

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