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Born and raised in Taos, New Mexico, Gilroy grew up with the mountains in his backyard. He worked summers learning from his uncle, goldsmith G. Phil Poirier. Gilroy studied photography in school, and then started building custom furniture. In time, he found his way back to metal while working for a tool company, but still struggled to find balance between his love for climbing mountains and his creative work.

In 2014, Gilroy had a pivotal change of thinking: “Instead of seeing my two passions as separate, I asked myself, ‘What if I combine my passion for making art with my passion for the mountains?’

Since that day, I have worked to bring these aspects together; exploring my relationship with nature and translating that inspiration into metal. Whether it is the subtle details of the texture of granite or the amazing views, the inspiration offered by the mountains is endless.”

Gilroy works in a small studio in Taos, NM and shows his work on and at Mesa’s Edge in Taos.

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