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Noelle Phares brings a fresh perspective into her landscape paintings through exploration of the tension between organic and synthetic. As an environmental scientist by training, she brings her left-brain attention to detail into her creative process, allowing the same topics that drove her work in the natural sciences to seep into her paintings. Her most recent body of work combines landscape elements with structural geometry to create fractured architectural landscapes that explore the ever-encroaching presence of humanity into previously pristine open spaces. She holds a BS in Biochemistry, and an MS in Environmental Science. She has been painting throughout the American West over the last decade, and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. 


“People often remark at how unique the marriage of abstract structure and landscape are in my work. But in reality, that is what the world looks like these days: the stark break of a distant mountain view by the foreground shapes of the built environments we live in. I choose to paint places that have been altered, for better or for worse, either directly or indirectly by human development. I hope to both raise awareness of the fragile beauty of these places while also highlighting how beautiful and functional manmade design + nature can be if done with symbiosis, instead of nemesis, in mind.

– Noelle Phares

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