Nick Thornburg

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Nick Thornburg is a graduate of The University of Iowa with Bachelors of Arts degrees in Cinema & Comparative Literature and Theatre Arts. His work has been featured on the independent screen and stage, overseas, and at various institutions and exhibition spaces in the United States, including the Yellowstone Art Museum, The Nicolaysen Art Museum, the State Historical Museum of Iowa, and the White House Visitor Center.


I am a preternaturally curious person. The work I do is an extension and expression of that curiosity, serving as a means to reconcile the oft-times contradictory bits of knowledge that emerge out of my incessant search for understanding. In that way, much of what I produce are studies and experiments, work that attempts to resolve the natural tension found between objects commonly held in opposition. History, progress, tradition, innovation, the natural, and the synthetic—I explore these things, and more, through art.

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