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“Nature is my guide, particularly the environment of the Southwest with its brilliant colors and craggy energy. I also am moved by the diversity of Taos, with its Spanish, Pueblo and Anglo influences. I work in acrylics on canvas in order to capture the immediacy of nature and life in Taos.

“I have been an artist and educator for most of my life. I have many years teaching both at the university level and with an arts organization in the Washington, DC area. I first came to Taos in 2001 during a Summer break from teaching at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. My affinity to Taos was immediate. I knew when I visited, that I had to return and return. I now live here half of the year, and have committed to Taos by moving my studio. I have a one person exhibition coming up in August and September 2021 at the TCA. ” – Marise Riddell


live outside DC,  but for eighteen years have lived during the Summer in Taos. My work is influenced by the environment of the wild west, the spirit of New Mexico and the mixed Spanish, Pueblo Indian and Anglo cultures that inhabit the area. The history of New Mexico and the magical scenery and brilliant light have brought artists and musicians to the high desert for generations.

Even though Taos is a small community, it has an international and cross-cultural attitude. People from all over the world come there to experience the music, art and culture.

The experience of this plethora of sights, sounds and smells is what influences my works.

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