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“Fleeting Moments”, Encore Gallery, TCA, Taos, NM (August 2021)
“Marise Riddell”, Capitol One Headquarters, Mclean, VA (2011)
“Marise Riddell”, Mclean Project for the Arts (2010)
“Mindbending”, MFA Thesis, Catholic University, Washington, DC (1994)
“Backdrops with Stages-The Order of Chaos”, Gallery 10, Ltd, Washington, DC (1991)
“Overload,” Gallery 10, Ltd., Washington, DC. (1989)
“Energy,” William Engle Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana (1987)
“High Pressure,” Painting Environment, Foundry Gallery, Washington,s D.C. (l986) “Energy,” Atrium Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana (1986)
“Marise Riddell Reynolds,” Art Gallery, University of Texas at Dallas (l972) ONE-PERSON-PUBLIC SPACES
Eclyps, Mclean, VA (2007)
Fairfax County Council of the Arts. (l990) The Funding Center, Alexandria, VA. (1989)
The Warren Building, Tysons Corner, VA. (l988) The Stables Building, Washington, D.C. (l988)
Omni Georgetown Hotel, Washington, D.C. (1987)
Flashback Hair Salon, Washington, D.C. (1987)
Levine School of Music, Washington, D.C. (l987)
“Taos Today”, Western Gallery, Dallas, TX (2020)
“Gateway to the Imagination”, Farmington Museum, Farmington, NM (2016)
“Faculty Exhibition”, Mclean Project for the Arts (2016)
“Dedicated to Art”, the 2000 Corcoran Faculty Biennial Exhibition, Washington, DC (2000)
Art-O-Matic, The Sears/Hechinger Building, Washington, DC (2000)
Faculty Exhibit, Catholic University, Washington, DC (2000)
Art-O-Matic, The Manhattan Laundry, Washington, DC (1999)
“International Small Works Exhibition”, International Visions Gallery, Washington, DC (1998-99)
Faculty exhibit, Catholic University, Washington, DC (1997)
Faculty exhibit, Catholic University, Washington, DC (1996)
“Fourth Annual Corcoran Alumni Hemicyle Exhibition”, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC (1995)
“ Moscow Washington”, Elite Gallery, Institute of the Union of Theatrical Workers, Moscow, Russia, (1995)
“WPA Spring Art Sale”, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC (1995)
“ The Cutting Edge”, Gallery 10 Ltd., Washington, DC (1994)
“WPA Spring Art Sale”, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC (1994)
Annual Art Auction, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC (1993)
“Spring Fever”, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC (1993)
“ Fabulous Leap Day Art Sale”, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC (1992)
“ Green”, Gallery 10 Ltd., Washington, DC (1992)
“Tough Issues”, Womens’ Caucus for Art Exhibition, Gallery 10 Ltd., Washington, DC (1992)
“Off-Center”, Muse Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (1990)
“The Once Enchanted Garden,” Installation, Gallery 10, Ltd.,
Washington, D.C., (1990)… “Hot,” Gallery 10, Ltd., Washington, DC., invitational (1989)
“Open Exhibition 1989, “Fairfax County Council of the Arts, Fairfax, Va., Helaine Posner, Contemporary Curator of Contemporary Art at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, juror (l989)
“Secrets,” Gallery 10, Ltd., Washington, DC, invitational (1988)
“The 3rd Annual Membership Awards Exhibition,” Artists Equity, Washington, DC Chapter, The Martin Luther King Memorial Library, Washington, DC, David Tannous, juror (1988) “Abstractions,” The New Art Center, Washington, D.C., Diedre Saunder, juror (1987)
“Artists in the Natural World,” Great Falls Art Centre, Great Falls, Va., Cora Rupp, Director of the Art League, Alexandria, Va., juror (1987)
“Feminism, Politics, and Social Commentary,” The New Art Center, Washington, D.C., The New Art Center Curatorial Staff, jurors (1987)
“Other Horizons,” Strathmore Hall Arts Center, Rockville, Md., Derek Guthrie, Publisher of New Art Examiner, juror (l987)
“Foundry and Company, II,” Foundry Gallery, Washington, D.C. (1987)
“Five Artists,” U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Va., (1986)
“Celebration of Washington Artists,” Gallery Row, Washington, D.C., sponsored by the Progressive Club, juried by Washington, D.C. artists (1986)
“Celebrations and Rituals,” Washington Women’s Art Center, Washington, D.C. Betsy Damon, juror (1986)
“The Last Picture Show,”Anton Gallery, Washington, D.C. (1986)
“Area ‘86 Exhibition of Paintings and Graphics,” Fairfax County Judicial Center, Fairfax, Va., Phyllis Rosenzweig, Associate Curator Hirshhorn Museum, juror (1986)
“National Cherry Blossum Festival Invitational Exhibition,” Plaza One Building, Washington, D.C. (1986)
“An All-American Show,” D.C. Slide Registry of Artists, Inc, Bodil
Meleney, juror (1986)
“Reflections of Washington,” Washington Womens’ Art Center, Washington, D.C., Leon Berkowitz, juror (1985)
“First Annual Juried Show,” The Art Barn, Washington, D.C. Adelyn Breeskin, Curator National Museum of American Art, juror (1865)
“Greater Reston Art Center Juried Show ‘85,” Reston, Va., Willem de Looper, juror (1985)
“Summit Art Center Juried Show ‘85,” Summit, N..J., Richard Anuskiewicz, juror (1985)
“1985 Student Juried Show,” prize winner, Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D.C., Marie Martin, Martin Gallery, Linda Singer, Midtown Gallery, Alan Stone, sculptor, jurors (1985) “Virginia Women Artists,” The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, The Virginia Commission for the Arts and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Exhibition travels for one year to Virginia art centers and museums. Maryann Harman, Mary Miss, Ellen Lanyon, jurors (1985) “23rd Annual Competition,” Fort Smith Art Center, Fort Smith, Arkansas, John Whitlock, Brooks Memorial Art Gallery, juror (1973) “ North Texas Painting and Sculpture-1973,” Dallas Museum of Fine Art, Dallas, Texas, Samuel J. Wagstaff, New York City art critic, juror (1973) “Fort Worth Annual,” Fort Worth Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas, Jane Livingston, Curator of Modern Art at the Los Angeles County Museum, juror (1973) “Texas Painting and Sculpture ‘71,” Dallas Museum of Fine Art, Dallas, Texas, Ray Parker, juror (1971) “Abilene 29th Annual,” Abilene Fine Arts Museum, Abilene, Texas, Charles Bleick, San Angelo College, Edwin Brewer, Arkansas State Art Advisor, jurors (1971) AWARDS 1985 Student Juried Show, Prize winner, Corcoran School of Art (1985) Cover of “Messages” magazine, digital publication (1995) Cover of “Messages” magazine, digital publication (1998) COLLECTIONS (Private) Numerous private collections in Texas, Indiana, New York, Virginia and Washington, D.C. COLLECTIONS (Corporate) ` National Ballet Society, Washington, D.C. M-K Properties, Washington,D.C. Maxi’s Restaurant, Indianapolis, Indiana. The Warren Building, Tysons Corner, Va. EDUCATION Catholic University, Washington, DC, MFA B.A. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D.C., study with Leon Berkowitz, Gene Davis, William Christenberry (Fine Arts), Pete Herzfeld (computer imaging) American University, Washington, D.C., graduate work in painting Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind., masters program in painting University of Miami, Coral Gables, Fla., graduate study in painting University of Dallas, Irving, Tex., undergraduate courses taken to fill out B.F.A. requirement Northwood Institute, Dallas, Tex., summer workshop with Alfred Leslie PROFESSIONAL
Mclean Project for the Arts, instructor of painting, drawing and digital arts 2000-Present Corcoran School of Art, instructor of drawing 1998-2010 Corcoran School of Art, instructor of computer art courses. 1996-2005 Catholic University, lecturer in Digital Imaging, 1996-2005 Catholic University, lecturer in painting and drawing. 1995-1997 Northern Virginia Community College, instructor in Photoshop 1996 Fairfax County Adult Education program, instructor in drawing. 1994-1995 McLean Project for the Arts, Co-Curator for special projects l987-l990. Education chairman l985, curator for exhibits 1990-91, exhibitions chairman 1990-1993, board of directors l984-l993 New Art Examiner, board of directors l986-l989 Gallery 10, Ltd., President l989 Owner/Director of HumanArts Gallery, Dallas, Texas, l975-l985


My work has consistently been about order-order which is created out of a kind of chaos and an order that is implicit in nature.
These paintings deal with the simplification and ordering of multiplicity. It is an effort to give focus, meaning and visual assimilation to what otherwise might seem complicated or overwhelming.
These images are full of color. I then start the process of reducing the vibrancy gradually with the overlays. My intent is not to cover completely what lies below, but to temper what lies below while leaving the vestige of energy showing through.

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