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Libby Humeniuk is a contemporary western artist based in Alberta, Canada. As a self taught artist, she has become an up and comer after starting her artistic journey in 2015. Over the last few years she has narrowed her field of work into representing the modern working cowboy using pastel in black paper.

Some of her most notable successes have been being featured as one of Southwest Art Magazines “21 under 31” in 2019, earning the Publics Choice Award in Western Gallery’s New Western Talent show in 2020, and joining the Women Artists of the West as an associate member in 2020.


For a long time, the cowboy has been referred to as a “dying breed”. Instead, the way of life is alive and well. It is a part of the world, often tucked away in rural areas, that is rarely seen by those not taking part in it.

I strive to capture the authentic working cowboy in my artwork. The rider who takes pride in their well trained, quiet horses. Who strive to handle their animals with finesse that is only possible from years of practice. To watch a cowboy of this calibre perform is an art form within itself. An art form that I strive to present in my own work, to create pieces that showcase this way of life and make those in it proud.

Art has always been a way for people to capture their world and share it with others. I strive to share my view of the modern west with a greater audience.

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