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Kristi lives southwest of West, Texas. She is a fourth-generation cattle producer-2022 marks 150 years since her great grandfather founded the family farm, which continues to thrive to this day. Her heritage brings a love of the land, animals, and history to her art. Enamored of the artistry of Will James as a toddler, she’s been drawing and painting ever since. As soon as she could walk, she headed to her grandfather’s ancient barn and pastures to be with the cattle and horses and never looked back. Though the old draft teams were at the end of their watch, their harness and shoes still hang in her home.

Torn as a child between desires to be a cowboy, an artist, and a nurse, she combined all 3. Wherever she went, a sketch book went with. Time was scarce but she continued to draw and paint, doing commission work as time allowed. A serious accident several years ago took her career as an ER RN off the table and curtailed her time in the saddle yet finally gifted her with ample time to focus on art. Though careers changed in a moment, decades of experience as an accomplished horsewoman, reining horse breeder, trainer, and competitor, and carded reining horse judge combined with experiencing the fragility of life first hand as a nurse in the ER bring a unique outlook to her work.

She is a narrative artist that may work in oils, graphite, pastels, or pen and ink to distill a poignant moment on canvas or paper. Self-taught, she continues to study fine art and technique. Kristi enjoys membership with the Cowgirl Artists of America, the Outdoor Painters Society and the American Plains Artists.


As someone whose family has helped feed Americans for the past 150 years, I place great emphasis on honoring and protecting rural America. As an artist, I seek to include viewers in poignant moments of daily farm and ranch life recorded on canvas or paper. I paint my subjects with authenticity and honesty-my days always include time actively involved in the farm and ranch lifestyle I share with my models. I strive to produce art that inspires respect, value and appreciation for the agricultural and western cultures.

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