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My love for photography started long before I picked up my first camera.  My family spent a lot of time on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada and my father would always take snapshots of our adventures.  Self taught, I started dabbling in photography when my son started wrestling in the 6th grade.  For the following seven years I would photograph dual meets, tournaments and clinics.  I quickly learned how to capture intense moments of blood, sweat and tears of the athletes.  The last wrestling event I photographed was my son and his California teammates as they embarked on their adventure to wrestle in Japan.
I had dabbled in nature and wildlife photography focusing on the American West genre during those years especially when traveling to the Carson Valley to visit family.  I would photograph and document road trips taken with my husband…and on a long road trip to North Carolina with my mom and niece to adopt a rescue puppy!  I moved to Carson Valley, Nevada in 2018 with my husband .  I spend a lot of time searching for subjects to photograph.  I like to think outside the box with my editing and constantly challenge myself to produce new and unique images.


My photography consists on capturing images of the American West.  I photograph iconic landscapes, birds including lots of images of quail and bald eagles, mammals, rodeo, ranching and barns.

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