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Kelsey Koprowski was born in Portland, Oregon. In 2013, after a period of traveling around Central America, she moved to Moab, Utah. She found so much inspiration exploring Western wilderness areas that she began sketching landscapes whenever she went outside (which was quite often!). She draws for the same reason someone might take a photograph, to remember the spot and the momentary break from life.
She is greatly influenced by tattoo artists, among others. Most of her art is in pen or charcoal. She enjoys cross-hatching and shading, and only works in black and white.When younger, she completed several art courses at The Drawing Studio in Portland. She didn’t have the courage or confidence to put her art into the public eye until early 2020, when she decided to submit some pieces to a local gallery. Today, she sells prints in three Moab art galleries. In 2021, she won 2nd place in the Amateur Artist category for the Canyon River Runner Art Show in Green River, Utah. During the winter months of 2021-2022, she was the featured artist at Moonflower Community Cooperative in Moab.


“My works are snapshots of moments when I couldn’t break my gaze from a landscape. I tend to find the most inspiration when I’m in wilderness. The Southwest has provided me with unmatched wilderness access. It starts with studying a map, choosing a place where the topography lines are tight together. I pack a small sketchbook, a couple pens and pencils, and a camera. Out there, I’m attracted to places where the sandstone undulates and stains, where tree trunks are twisted and fibrous, where water and wind have left their mark, and where light and shadows accentuate the textures and depths of surfaces.I choose to capture these landscapes with pen or charcoal because contrast is what I seek most. Choosing to reduce a landscape to black and white, I find the the process becomes more challenging and interesting for me. I am forced to focus on where the shadows are cast and the sun strikes. This process pushes me to visually go deeper into the nooks and crannies of my surroundings. I believe it is important for humans to engage in up-close observation of our surroundings and I hope my work encourages others to go out and take a closer look.”  -Kelsey Koprowski

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