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Jeffrey is a classically trained graduate of Art Center College of Design currently residing in San Diego. After graduating Jeffrey began a career illustrating children’s books for companies such as Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks. Throughout those years his passion for animals and conservation had always motivated his work and Jeffrey made the switch to full time wildlife artist, leaving the commercial world behind.

Working as a representational oil painter, each painting Jeffrey creates comes from his experiences traveling and hiking through the American West. Those experiences inspire him to create authentic subject matter that acts as a time capsule depicting that animal in its natural habitat forever. There are hours and hours of research, days and weeks of traveling, and years of training and practice that go into each painting.


I find so much inspiration to paint the natural world from lacing up my hiking boots and getting out in the wilderness. Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like seeing a wild grizzly bear, waking up to the sound of an elk bugling, or seeing a massive herd of bison. Through my work I strive to authentically depict those experiences I have been so fortunate to have, preserving that moment in time with paint so others can experience it as well. I hope that my work will inspire people to go out and see the wonders of the American West that I love so much.

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