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Ioana Villatoro is an artist known for her moving landscape paintings of the high deserts of Northern New Mexico. Born in Romania and raised in Southern California, Ioana studied painting as a teenager but paused her career to raise her children. In 2017, she moved to Santa Fe, where the land, flora, and light renewed her artistic inspiration. Following in the footsteps of Impressionist and Transcendentalist painters before her, she picked up her brush again and over the past seven years, has found a strong voice, sharing her experiences as translated through a mix of observation and interpretation. While skies, native plants and arroyos are depicted in her work, her true subjects are the contemplative qualities of the natural world, quiet moments often overlooked, and the peace and motivation found in nature.


“My work explores the natural world and its relation to our own internal balance and emotions. I love looking at light and atmosphere and how they change the dynamic of place and contribute to our mood. Being in nature and having a relationship to it is a very personal experience. I love to paint landscapes because I see the natural world as perfectly balanced and harmonious despite its ever-changing complexity. As much as loving nature creates an appreciation for the artwork, I think the artwork is an experience in and of itself and contributes to a love for the landscapes around us. My artwork is more than just seeing the natural world in a specific moment, but feeling it and understanding we are a part of it at all times.” – Ioana Villatoro

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