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Emily Ann Dutkiewicz is a young emerging multidisciplinary artist based out of Southern California working within the mediums of acrylic paint, photography, and graphic design. She studied at California State University San Marcos and graduated in 2020 with a Bachelors in Fine Art with an emphasis in the Visual Arts. She currently teaches studio and digital art at the high school level. Emily also stays active within her art community by supporting and participating in local art exhibitions.
​ Derived from personal experience, research, interpretation, and aesthetic, Emily brings a well-traveled eye to the canvas. Her appreciation for Western American tradition, culture, and landscape, is the inspiration for her work. Emily is captivated by the spirit of the American rancher and cowboy. Her relationship with the American West began with road trips taken as a child–memories of many days spent driving through the regions of the lower forty-eight states. ​ When she’s not capturing the American West, she’s living in it. Emily grew up riding and rescuing horses and now learns to work cattle in her spare time.


The “Seconds” series captures the moments in rodeo when horse and rider are beautifully connected. Rodeo events such as team roping, steer wresting, and brake-away roping demand such focus and unison from both the horse and rider. Each event is timed and it’s only seconds that each horse and rider have to get their job done. In rodeo these skills are put to use in competition, but American cowboys and ranchers use these skills out of necessity to work their cattle. Throughout history, the skill of roping is one of the most powerful attributes for cowboys of the American west both on the range and in the arena.

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