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Avast variety of creative and professional experiences has shaped the artistic work of Los Angeles native, Debbi Green. Her background is as varied as each endeavor she took but with an artistic flair. From a fashion designer of junior sports wear; freelance textile and surface designer; owner and creator of a children’s hand painted furniture; co-owner and designer of a women’s vintage clothing venue.

She studied with Signature Artists from the California Art Club and the Los Angeles Art Academy. Their knowledge and talent inspired Debbi to create her own vision in a most colorful way.

Debbi is a member of American Women Artists, California Art Club and shows in various venues throughout Southern California. She also is a contributor to several artist foundations and donates to ‘Guide Dogs of America’. Debbi has made her home in Westlake Village.

Excellence, beauty and humor is what she aspires to in her paintings and in her life.


My art is the driving force that helps me create and cultivate the beauty that surrounds me. Bringing for the colors that I see, is the energy that makes me want to dance with delight and move the paint brush accordingly. I also use the palette knife to develop more colors and depth within the painting, creating a more textural story.

As a native Californian, I have a vast majority of landscapes to choose from. But for now my focus has been on the wildlife that lives near my home. I enjoy portraying their silly antics and the soufulness in their eyes. Telling this story is a way to connect and inspire people.

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