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Landscape painter Danika Ostrowski lives and works in Austin, Texas developing her nationally-exhibited body of work and creating commissioned paintings. Her work takes her across the country to paint and find inspiration in public lands. Danika has been invited as an artist-in-residence to multiple National Parks and been recognized by Southwest Art magazine and Western Art Collector.


My love for public land and my love for painting are closely intertwined. I grew up visiting National Parks almost every summer with my family, while pursuing an interest in the arts. Eventually, these two interests merged and I began painting the vibrant colors and wide open spaces of American National Parks in the West.

When I visit a new park, I like to take time to soak in what makes it unique. The history, the geology, most importantly the color and form of the landscape. I sketch, paint, and photograph, ultimately referencing these materials as well as my memory and experience to complete my paintings. Using sophisticated and exaggerated color schemes allows me to reflect a modern take of each region’s unique character, culture and visual aesthetic.

I hope to continue the tradition of artists using their skills to share the importance of preserving and caring for public land. My interest has expanded from National Parks of the west to any public land preserved for it’s beauty. When I paint, I paint with an intention to spread awareness of these beautiful places and share the delight of the human-nature connection. My work is designed to inspire the viewer to visit their public lands and spark memories of joy and connectedness in those who already share my love for these beautiful places.

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