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“I’ve been an artist since highschool; but first and foremost in my life is my love for nature. It is my mission to honor nature and support her however I can. One way to do this is through my art as it brings more awareness of her to the many that don’t always have the time or opportunity to spend in nature. I am a soul akin with nature. I embrace all of nature–the plants, the trees the animals as we are all connected. I’ve been focused on painting for over fourty years but when I moved to Taos in 2012 I started making concrete sculpture for the garden. I feel the landscape here demands it. Most of my sculpture is created to honor endangered species as they have no voice. My feeling is that we are all equal and knowing our equality will help us to return to a state of balance, bringing joy, peace and love to every life form on the planet.” – Cheryl Price

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