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Brittany Colt grew up in the state of Washington where the rollingfields and deep pine forest where her playground. Being born blind inone eye motivated her to photograph the beautiful scenery that wasset before her. Being able to see was something that she never tookfor granted. It helped Brittany value her ability to recognize andcapture those fleeting moments of life and to find the beauty inintimate everyday life.Brittany Colt first found her passion for photography at the age tenwhile on a family vacation in the Olympic National Forest ofWashington State. Her passion for the art form grew exponentially,along with developing a strong desire of capturing more intimatesubjects. The way Brittany “sees” is unique and has helped shape herphotographic style.Brittany’s creative journey began by photographing landscapes andcontinued further into the applications of portraiture and weddingphotography. This led to her establishing a photography company in2012, while also working in the Film Industry in Portland, Oregon. In2016, Brittany started a formal degree program in Graphic Design.These combined experiences in Graphic Design and the Film Industryhelped mold and influence her attention towards light, color andcomposition in her work.In 2018 Brittany developed an additional interest in teachingphotography, and started working as a Staff Photographer for TheAnsel Adams Gallery. She went on to manage the photographiceducation department. Brittany loves to challenge her students andexpand their minds, not only technically, but creatively as well.Working in a national park and at The Ansel Adams Gallery helpedcombine her passion for being in the great outdoors, teachingphotography, and photographing the wilderness of Yosemite. In 2022 Brittanyhas struck out on her own, launching her own company focusedon fine art and photography education. Her love for the mountains and photography drew her to another beautiful part of the Sierra, Bishop California, where she finds inspiration out her backyard. It gives her great joy to show other aspiring artists this diverse earth and teach them the importance of art making and wilderness preservation.


The camera is a tool that has given me a way to express myself and show what I see and feel. As early as I could remember, I was driven to create with my hands, and photography was the art form that pushed and molded me further as a visual artist. I am driven by the light and the way it dances in the trees or shines on the rock faces. The light leads me to my subjects and allows me to capture them in their full glory. By paying attention to lines and shapes and getting rid of all the distractions; helps me to focus my attention more on the design of the shot. I compose how I feel at the given time and ask questions later.

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