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Originally from Charleston, SC, Angela Chvarak Jung is a born and bred Southern lady with Korean roots. She earned her BFA in studio art, concentrating in painting and ceramics. She studied Korean ceramics while living in Seoul, South Korea. Her continued studies in the arts led her to earn her MPA in arts management, and upon graduation she found herself moving across the country to run a commercial art gallery in LA.

Her colorful aesthetic choices are influenced by her roots and heritage. She grew up in a female-centric, Korean household with her mom and dad, sister, grandmother, and aunts. Having a strong women’s circle has been incredibly impactful throughout her life. She also finds inspiration through her love of the outdoors, travel, yoga, music, connecting with spirit, memory, synchronicities, and astrology. When she’s not creating in the studio, you can find her making the rounds at West Coast galleries through her work with Artsy. Angela also loves running, hiking, backpacking, and camping with her husband Nik, practicing yoga, reading spiritually-minded books, checking out astrological forecasts, watching documentaries, and snuggling with her cat, Baby Garvan.

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