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Amber Scally, the artist behind ARae Art, lives and works in Martinsdale, Montana with her husband and three children. They enjoy rural life and being close to the great outdoors. Their home is nestled between three mountain ranges and only minutes away from the Martinsdale Reservoir and the Mussleshell river. Her surroundings provide ample inspiration for her artwork.
Originally from Riverton, Wyoming, Amber attended Northwest Nazarene University where she received her BA in Fine Arts in 2005. She went on to teach elementary art in Pavillion, Wyoming until 2009. After meeting her husband, she made the move to Montana and taught JH/HS art in Shepherd until 2013. From 2013 – 2015 she pursued a masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology.In 2020, before the pandemic hit, Amber made the decision to leave her part-time job as a school-based SLP to pursue her art full-time. This decision proved providential as she was able to spend time with her young children and dive into a career as a professional artist at the same time. In 2021, she completed the Montana Artrepreneur Program and emerged with vital tools and skills needed to run a successful art business. The greatest lesson she learned, however, was the need for connection and support from other artists and creatives. In 2022 she had the privilege of being accepted as a Signature Member of Cowgirl Artists of America. This community of western women artists provides a crucial support system that has allowed Amber to reach new levels with her art business. Amber can often be seen driving through the fields and hills with her family and her digital camera, capturing reference material for future drawings.


“Fires change the land, time erodes the mountains, the animals come and go in an ongoing cycle and I get to watch it. Everywhere I walk around my home I see aspects of natural and human history side by side with working ranches and rural living. I am an observer in a story that is so much bigger than me. I draw to understand it better, to pay homage to it, and to show respect for it. I want to connect others to this experience. I want to build a greater respect and sense of knowing for rural and western life for anyone who views my work. 
I primarily work in graphite on paper, enjoying simplifying images to black and white. I use technology and image layering to constantly check my work with my references so I can improve my base drawing. The more accurate I am, the more respect I feel I am giving my subject. I utilize numerous tools and techniques to capture the wide variety of textures nature has to offer. By authentically translating the moments, wildlife and landscapes of the west, I can foster connection to them and a more intimate sense of belonging for clients and customers both near and far.”

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